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The Central Market

 The Municipal Market of Chania, the large building of 4000 square meters in the centre of Chania is the «heart» of the city.

Its foundation started on August 14, 1911, at the place that was the main rampart of the fortification during the Venetian period. The construction of the building was completed during the second half of 1913. Today, many shops that sell local products and souvenirs are hostedin the Municipal Market building.

The Municipal Market constitutes an architectural jewel for Chania, and is one of the most impressive markets in the Balkans.

Agora the Central Market

Venetian Harbor

The Venetian harbor of Chania was built by the Venetians between 1320 and 1356. It is possibly the most interesting sample of the Venetian architecture in Crete, a real masterpiece of its era.

Hundreds of thousands of visitors flock to the harbor every year, in order to admire the rare combination of Venetian, Greek and Ottoman architecture in such harmony. Chania old Venetian Harbour is one of the most unique places in the Mediterranean.

Venetian Harbor

The Egyptian Lighthouse

The Egyptian Lighthouse, which is one of the oldest in the world, prevails in the old Port of Chania.

The sea-tossed stone lighthouse that is located at the edge of the breakwater is not only the “guard” of the old Venetian port, but also its most famous jewel. The lighthouse has a height of 21m, height from sea surface 26m, and its light reaches a distance of 7 miles. Its base is octagonal; the middle part has 16 angles, while the top part is circular.

Today, it has been transformed from a roofless ruin into an impressive building that hosts various events and exhibitions. Since 2002, after its reformation, it hosts the Center of Mediterranean Architecture, important cultural events, artistic exhibitions and international events related to architecture.

The Egyptian Lighthouse

Center of Mediterranean Architecture

Grand Arsenal, the Center of Mediterranean Architecture  is the last of the 17 Neoria to the west. Its construction began in 1585.

A new era began for the Grand Arsenal with the addition of the second floor in 1872 during the Turkish period. The building hosted several important public services and authorities.

Center of Mediterranean Architecture

The Graves of the Venizelos Family

The graves of Venizelos family offer a panoramic view of Chania, only a few kilometres east of the city on the road to Akrotiri and the airport.

The graves of the charismatic Greek politician, and seven times Prime Minister of Greece, Eleftherios Venizelos, and his son, Sofoklis Venizelos, who was also Prime Minister of Greece from 1943 to 1952 are located here.

The Graves of the Venizelos Family

Church of Saint Nicolaos

The Church of Saint Nikolaos is located east of Splatzia Square of the old city of Chania. It was built before 1320, during the Venetian Period, as a monastery of Dominican Order.

During the Venetian period it served as the most important church of the city. It was elegant and large in capacity, with wide arches in the interior. After the predominance of Turks in Chania the temple was turned into a mosque and was named Hiougkar Tzamisi (mosque of the Emperor), in honor of the sultan of Ottoman Empire, Imbraim.

Its importance is highlighted by the existence of two (instead of one) balconies on the minaret. In 1928, after being seized by the Christians, the mosque was turned into a Christian church and has been dedicated to Agios Nikolaos (Saint Nicholas).

Church of Saint Nicolaos

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